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A fluid agency solution for a fluid marketing landscape

When marketing operations have never been closer to real time high volume social content delivery, a more efficient and effective working relationship between a brand and their agency is necessary.

Brands need to get closer and be more relevant to their audiences, and likewise an agency should work closer and in a more relevant way to address the brand’s needs.

With ROI at the top of every marketer’s agenda a new agency model is needed as the traditional static resource agency model no longer services these marketing needs efficiently or effectively.

A static resource agency model sells in a solution based on the retained skills they have.

POOL was created to offer a gateway to an unlimited fluid resource of skills and services with resource only engaged at the point of need, this fluid resource model gives us the freedom to present a bespoke solution to our client’s needs every time. By working closer we remove unnecessary layers of management and process, increasing speed to market and reducing costs.

We have successfully employed this model for many years and believe its application has given the best outcome for our clients’ budgets.

"#VOOM proved to be one of the most significant content marketing programs in the UK since Red Bull Stratos, and POOL played an instrumental role in helping us achieve our ambitions." -Scott Wilkinson, Head of Brand, Acquisitions and Digital, Virgin Media Business

POOL provides the most cost effective and efficient way of engaging talent and cutting-edge technology to create and deliver highly memorable and emotive communications at speed to market for less.

Our “exploration first” approach gives us a better understanding of our client’s current position and objectives via this in depth questioning phase.

It is only when the solution which meets the need is clear that we curate and mobilise teams to execute these actions from our fluid resource pool, orchestrating and fully managing the process from strategic thinking, creative, content creation channel choice and delivery.