3D / Animation Production


Working in the virtual world, POOL is often tasked with creating three dimensional models of products, environments and assets as well as bringing rich and engaging animated sequences to life. We work with some of the most talented 3D & animation artists, delivering assets and solutions with incredible attention to detail and an exceptionally high degree of craft and refinement.

The output of these processes is used across a broad range of media, working as components within rich media advertising online, bringing additional depth and realism to digital experiences such as campaign microsites, and supplementing social content deployed by brands as part of their ongoing content marketing efforts. We’re accustomed to deploying appropriate teams and technology according to the level of creative required; whether it’s a high end campaign launch for Rolex, thumb-stopping Instagram pieces for Rimmel, or a one off Christmas card for Audi, we can provide a professional and cost effective solution.

The Daytona model produced for this event featured a number of variants, including multiple options for bezel, face and watch band materials – including silver, gold, rose gold platinum and leather options, all based around the legendary Daytona chassis.

Creating the required number of images to fully illustrate the ten different variants in this edition would prove to be incredibly expensive using traditional photographic and retouching techniques, with each image requiring up to 30 hours of post production retouching to meet Rolex’s required quality standard.

Generating print ready, high resolution images in CGI dramatically reduces the retouching requirement, saving thousands of hours across the life of the project. CGI also enables a far greater degree of consistency in lighting and position over traditional photography, and provides a huge advantage over a traditional shoot should additional shots be required at a later date.

The CGI models created during the campaign can also be re-used to illustrate the product in different context, as well as being easily re-purposed for use in online, film, out of home and virtual reality / augmented reality executions.