Technical Delivery

Send Me a Sample

Over the years POOL has delivered hundreds of web & application development projects across a huge range of scenarios including; campaign microsites to support some of the highest profile advertising campaigns of recent years, mobile applications deployed for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS as well as content managed websites and eCommerce platforms for some of the biggest brands in the UK.

Our approach to web and application development relies upon a close working relationship between our technology, production and user experience professionals – working shoulder to shoulder with clients, colocated to drive greater efficiency from the development process.

Send me a Sample is a new technology platform that allows brands to deliver product sampling direct into consumer’s homes with much more effective targeting and zero wastage. Utilising modern voice technology, Send Me a Sample delivers a much higher level of context versus sampling in traditional environments such as stores, malls, events and travel hubs.

By activating Send me a Sample’s voice skill available on Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, consumers can request a free product sample after viewing a brand advert, and have it delivered to their home for free. The Send Me a Sample platform then builds a bridge between voice activation and order processing, managing product requests, distribution, fulfillment information, stock levels, campaign activity and reporting. It’s a transparent media channel where brands pay on a “per sample basis”, paying only for samples that are requested and fulfilled.

Together with the Send Me a Sample team we helped shape the concept of delivering free samples via a voice application and created a fully integrated management tool to facilitate these requests. The process began by looking at the initial idea for sampling in this way during several workshops and concluding what could be achieved with the current technology available.

After launching one of the most complex and unique voice applications on the market it was described by the Amazon Skill’s team as ‘a beautiful piece of code’.