UX / UI and Service Design


BBH appointed our team to develop the Weetabuddies campaign site from concept and UX through to design and illustration. Usability was a huge factor given the average age of the target market; the site had to be easy to navigate and immediately engage visitors. The video walkthrough below shows the outcome of careful research, wireframing, and design, which has had the longevity to run for four years and allowed Weetabix to affiliate with brands like Cartoon Network.

Led by our Agile & Scrum qualified producers, our teams will integrate into your business and liaise directly with the project stakeholders, providing you confidence that the project team will be focussed on the same commercial agenda that is driving the project. The transparency inherent in this way of working gives you optimum visibility of processes and output at all times. We’re big believers in the power of this close, structured collaboration having seen the benefit in many projects over the years.